13th Annual International Conference - 2000

03/07/2000 - 05/07/2000

St. John's College, Cambridge, UK

Privacy Laws & Business 13th Annual International Conference

Successfully Managing the New Data Protection Laws

3rd – 5th July 2000, St. John's College, Cambridge, UK

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The summer data protection conference is fast approaching and the programme below enables you to see the full range of sessions. We are dealing with aspects of the data protection laws which have an impact on all organisations. In addition to a number of familiar expert speakers, including Elizabeth France, UK Data Protection Commissioner, over half of our speakers are giving presentations at this conference for the flrst time. In response to requests at previous conferences, this year, we feature: more data protection managers than any other category of speakers; more parallel sessions so you can follow a UK or international track; and smaller roundtables to encourage as many participants as possible to exchange experience.